Movember – Please donate

Most of you will be fully aware of what Movember is and what it does, but for those unaware, this is taken directly from the Movember website, as you will see it is a lot more than an opportunity for men to grow the most manliest moustaches they can muster (mmm alteration):

Campaign Strategy & Goals:
We will get men to grow moustaches and the community to support them by creating an innovative, fun and engaging annual Movember campaign that results in:
•   Funds for men’s health programme investment
•   Conversations about men’s health that lead to:
–  Greater awareness and understanding of the health risks men face
–  Men taking action to remain well
–  When men are sick they know what to do and take action

Programme Goals:
Living with and Beyond Cancer
Men living with prostate or testicular cancer have the care needed to be physically and mentally well.

Staying Mentally Healthy, Living with and Beyond Mental Illness
•   Men are mentally healthy and take action to remain well
•   When men experience mental illness they take action early
•   Men are not treated differently when they experience a mental illness

Men’s Health Research
We will fund innovative research that builds powerful, collaborative teams that accelerate:
•   Improved clinical tests and treatments for prostate and testicular cancer
•   Improved physical and mental health outcomes for men

So if you would like to make a donation, and I can’t stress this enough, ANY donation is welcome, please do so by clicking the image below. If you do not want to donate via my page, there is an option to donate to Movember in general. It’s a great cause, so please, if you can afford it, I would love it if you made a donation.


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