The Newsroom renewed for third season?

Good news for fans of the criminally under-rated drama The Newsroom, it has been renewed for a third season. Well, so says series star, and recently Emmy nominated Jeff Daniels.

Though HBO rebuked Daniels’ claim by issuing a rather none commital “Official is a strong word” statement, a third season now seems almost inevitable. To add further fuel to the renewal fire, actor Thomas Sadoski, who plays Don on the series, told Zap2It:

That’s what I’ve been told. I don’t know what the holdup is on their end [in announcing it], but to every question I’ve asked of them, they’ve said, ‘Yes.’

It now seems only a matter of time before HBO gives the official go ahead. I’ve been on tenterhooks waiting to find out if this would be renewed. Though the first season could be a bit cheesy in places, it had humour in the right places and a great sense of tension strung throughout. Season 2 piled this on even more with a great through story regarding the station uncovering a US government cover up about the use of chemical weapons in Genoa.

The Newsroom really is one of the most under-rated shows around and the fact that Jeff Daniels has just received an Emmy nomination for his role as lead anchor Will McAvoy hopefully signifies a turn around in the shows luck. It has a great supporting cast but I could honestly watch Daniels as McAvoy all day long. I can’t see him getting the Emmy, after all he’s up against Bryan Cranston (just give it him now) and Jon Hamm (probably his best season of Mad Men yet in terms of acting range displayed), but he’s in good company and is thoroughly deserving of the nomination.

Hopefully things will become clearer in the next week or so, once season 2 has ended. Latest reports suggest that their is scheduling issues with series creator and writer Aaron Sorkin. It’s well known that Sorkin writes the vast majority of The Newsroom himself, so there is a lot of pressure on him, he’s also admitted in the past he finds the show difficult to write at times. Whatever he’s doing seems to be working though.

With the problems getting committal to a second season though, I find it hard to see past season 3 being the final season of this show, but hopefully it can end on a high but not bow out too soon.

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