The Force is strong with the Cumberbatch

Ok so one of the first major rumours about Star Wars Episode VII has creeped out in the form of Mr Benedict Cumberbatch (he was in that other space franchise don’t you know) being part of the cast. Lucas Film and Disney have obviously issued ‘No comment’ but it’s expected something may be announced soon with many Star Wars fans growing impatient with the lack of news.

You can read more about it over at Film Chronicles should you wish. If this was to come off, it would make sense given his excellent acting ability, and that he has worked with J.J Abrams in the past. The big question is who will he play? Lot’s of rumours abound that he will be playing a Sith, this would make sense, he’s great with darker characters and has the range to pull off something menacing, but it might be nice to see him in a good role, perhaps as the new lead of the film as a Jedi?

I’m sure we’ll hear some more soon.

One response to “The Force is strong with the Cumberbatch

  1. This news is wonderful and heartbreaking to fans, well at least to me. It means less time for him to be Sherlock and being brilliant.

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