Nintendo 2DS announced. Wii U price drop coming soon.

Nintendo, for reasons known only to themselves, have announced the ‘2DS’, part of the 3DS family, it will play all 3DS games, and of course all DS games, but without the 3D screen trickery.

Nintendo 2DS

As you can see, Nintendo have dropped the familiar clamshell design first used with the original Nintendo DS in favour of the ugliest chunk of plastic you’ve ever seen. I swear this thing is uglier than the original DS.

Nintendo 2DS - red

As you can see from the images, you will be able to get it in red or blue. It will be priced at £109.99 and will be in stores from October 12th.

Along with the new Nintendo 2DS, they’ve also announced a Wii U price drop and bundle. For £249.99 you will now be able to get the premium Wii U console, along with a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker HD. Not bad really but will it help pull the console out of it’s sales rut?

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