Dexter: Make Your Own Kind Of Music

We’re now only 3 episodes away from the Dexter finale after last night’s ‘Make your own kind of music’. It was a step up from what so far has been a lacklustre season, and everything is finally coming together into a suitable endgame. As usual, major episode spoilers follow.

With Breaking Bad airing on the same night, Dexter has come in for some unfair comparisons, but really, the way Walter White and Co. have charged out of the gate, Dexter Morgan and his cohorts have had a lot to live up to, and it wasn’t until this episode where some traction was finally gained.

Dexter 809

Picking up from last week’s shock ending which featured the death of everybody’s favourite Dexter-lite, Zach, Dexter is hot on the heels of finding out who’dunit. This quickly leads him to discover that the assailant is a DNA relation of Dr Vogel’s. Now, many people have been speculating that the brain surgeon would end up being Vogel’s husband, it turns out instead that it was her thought-dead son, who was committed to a mental institution in the UK after murdering his younger brother. This helps flesh out just why Vogel got into the field of Psychopath’s then, and maybe why she was so keen to help Harry out with his Dexter problem. She could never help her own psycopath son, so maybe she could help another.

The son, is of course, everyone’s favourite discount Ryan Gosling, Oliver, Cassie’s boyfriend. Didn’t see that one coming did you? It’s as preposterous as it is completely illogical. Dexter has had some massive logic leaps in it’s past, but this is right up there with them. Still, if you can get past that, it at least puts that part of the brain surgeon storyline to one side.

What it does do of course now, is open another can of worms. Dexter is now onto Oliver, Oliver is on to Dexter, and Vogel has now taken her long lost son back under her wing. Couple with Dexter and Hannah’s new plan to run away to Argentina, we now have a clear end game, Oliver will need to be killed, and I imagine Dexter might end up taking Vogel out in the processes. I can see however somewhat of the opposite happening with Oliver killing Hannah. This makes sense if you buy into the casting news that Yvonne Strahovski was only cast up until Episode 10, meaning next week is her last showing. This might not be the case of course, but it seems logical.

There seem’s to now be a lot of parallels with season one of Dexter, a lost family member coming back, turning out to be the big bad villain of the series, it being someone we already know as an audience, and the leaving of family memories in an attempt to draw out the emotions. If this was done on purpose then I can get on board with it, but really, with the way this show has been since season 4, i’m guessing it’s just the writer’s being lazy. Maybe i’m being harsh with that but the similarities are definitely there.


Up until this episode I was under the impression that Dexter was going to end in a whimper with him and Hannah sneaking off into the sunset, ironically now, after they’ve vocalised these plans, I can’t see it happening. I think there’s some complications to come in the form of Deb. She’s been offered her Detective’s badge back, and seems to be flitting between the angel and devil on her shoulder an awful lot. It’s clear she’s going to leave Elway’s, but will her conscience let her go back to Miami Metro?

Speaking of Elway, what’s up with this Marshal guy that’s been brought in by him to help find Hannah? If he ends up being the downfall of Dexter i’m going to be mighty unhappy. Something tells me Elway is going to be involved in the final episodes in one significant way or another.

Make your own kind of music was probably my favourite episode of the season, despite some inconsistencies and massive plot holes. It feels as though we finally have an endgame in place, and that’s no bad thing. If the writer’s can utilise these last three episodes to their full extent, we should hopefully have an ending this programme deserves.

One response to “Dexter: Make Your Own Kind Of Music

  1. Interesting point about the parallel to season 1. I don’t think the writers are that clever though.

    Good review.

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