Xbox One controller get’s fancy infographic and video

Not enough infographics in your life at the moment? How about video’s showing people holding next-gen controllers? Don’t worry, Microsoft have you covered. They’ve shown off a handy ‘Hands on’ video with the new Xbox One controller. Check out the video below. Whilst a 5 minute video of people talking about a controller might not sound fun, for those of you getting an Xbox One, I’m sure there will be plenty to glean from the video. The controller looks nice enough, and the Xbox 360 controller is easily the best controller around in terms of ergonomics and responsiveness. So enjoy!

As if that wasn’t enough, they’ve also released a handy companion to the video, for those unable to process moving images. Check out the image below, but be sure to click on it for a full size version, maybe you can print it out, hang it on your wall? Worship it like the all might God it will become to you in November. I like the look of the controller but I’ve got to say, the PS4 controller still looks like it has it for me this round, the touch panel looks unique and like it could prove useful, along with that lovely light bar at the back, coupled with some improvements to the triggers, the war of the controllers looks to have only just begun!


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