Fact or Fictional: The science of Breaking Bad, Bitch!

‘Fact or Fictional’, the YouTube web series hosted by Veronica Belmont has this week tackled everyone’s favourite TV show (if you didn’t agree with that last statement, go home now) Breaking Bad. Fact or Fictional looks at the science behind some of the more popular tv shows, films and games in attempt to weed out the creative alterations from the pure scientific fact. Check out the video below, there are minor spoilers for seasons 1 through 3 if you haven’t seen them yet.

The video is great and not too heavy for those not clued up on the finer aspects of chemistry and the lovely lady talking us through the different elements (no pun intended) being tested, Dr Jovana Grbic PhD, is very interesting too. She makes a very good point towards the end regarding Bryan Cranston’s portayal as Walt as a Scientist. Not only does she note how much he obviously nails it, but makes a great point regarding the morality of his situation. Walt is able to push that pesky morality to one side because he is so focused on the chemistry, he wants to make the perfect product and that’s all that matters. It’s a nice encapsulating thought for the entire series and Walt’s tunnel vision in general.

If you want to see more ‘Fact or Fiction’ then head over to Tech Feed’s YouTube channel and see what they have to offer. If you want to see more on the Breaking Bad myths, I suggest checking out the Mythbusters Breaking Bad special which was on a couple of weeks ago. It’s good fun and whilst Mythbusters has generally gone a bit too ‘kid friendly’ recently, it still manages to test the same myth’s as in the video above, but with quite a lot more explosions and acid.

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