Star Wars: Episode VII to shoot in 35mm!

It has today been confirmed that the latest entry in the Star Wars saga is to shoot in 35mm. A Director of Photography has also been announced in the form of Daniel Mindel, who worked with J.J. Abrams on Mission Impossible III, Star Trek, and Star Trek Into Darkness, so this is great news for fans of those films, but even if you’re not, at least he;s brought someone in with some experience.

There's a hint of Dark Side vs Light Side here, no?

How much input will Mr. Lucas have?

The best news here though is that the film will be shot in 35mm, not 3D. This will allow Abrams a lot more scope for practical effects and model making, as well as a more classic look, something sorely missing from Episodes II & III, which both looked like video games rather than films.

It’s become widely accepted that there will likely be a lot of green screen usage, but hopefully this is an indicator that J.J. and his crew (and Disney) are more open to producing a movie, not a glorified CGI cartoon.

Details are still light on the ground about Episode VII, which is leading to some corners of the internet to declare that it will be pushed back. If it is pushed back, I don’t really have a problem with this, provided it adds extra levels of polish to the film.

I’m also hoping for a darker Star Wars, something closer to the tone of the original trilogy, but maybe that’s what we’ll get from the spin-off films, which are expected to be released inbetween numbered films.

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