Kickstarter: One Die Short

I’ve never contributed to a Kick Starter project before, but I intend to start with this. I’m a big fan of web comics and One Die Short is no exception. It’s pure geekery and limited in subject, but that’s the point. It’s well written and the drawing is colourful and well laid out. The creator of the comic, Matt Forcella (follow him on twitter @OneDieShort) obviously has a passion for the subject matter and he has subsequently decided to expand his passion into doing a live action version of the comic.

One Die Short began more than 2 years ago as a webcomic about a group of roleplayers. It was created by Matt Forcella (that’s me), and is a true labor of love. It is inspired by my own life and experiences as a Dungeon Master of nearly 20 years, and is psuedo-autobiographical.

The comic follows a group of friends through their humorous experiences around the gaming table as they navigate themselves, their relationships and the world of roleplaying, while also following the fantasy lives of their in-game characters; something that will make the show unique, exciting and hilarious!

Be sure to check out the Kick Starter here and donate if you can. It’s great to see people trying new things, especially people who care a lot about what they do. You can also visit the One Die Short website for a look at the comic.

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