New GTA V Trailer(s) commit crime spree and run away back into the night.

Rockstar have unleashed the second trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. Actually, it’s three separate character trailers, but let’s not quibble as here’s a handy version of all 3 rolled into one.

It gives us a much better sense of the storyline’s and how the character’s tie together, well, how Michael and Trevor become to know each other, it’s unclear how Franklin will fit in. What is still uncertain at the moment is how the gameplay will play it. Will the player get to pick a character at the start? Or will you change character as the story unfolds. Both scenario’s have great potential to breathe new life into the franchise and really provide a lot more variety, particularly after GTA IV, which whilst beautiful to look at, and with a great city like Liberty City to play around with, was still good, it got stale during the story missions.

The trailer also confirms the game’s release date of September. Expect this on the usual consoles, though no word has been made of a next-gen release.

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