Thor: The Dark World trailer rides the lightning

Marvel have released the first official trailer for the sequel to 2011’s Thor, subtitled ‘The Dark World’.

It’s looking good so far, even if we don’t have much of an idea of a story yet. To be honest, Thor never grabbed me too much, I found the fantasy element’s clashed far too much with the more realistic element’s the new Marvel film universe is trying to establish. The Dark World look’s to be continuing where Thor left off in this respect, albeit, if rumours are true, a lot of the story takes place away from Earth. There’s a brief appearance of post-Avenger’s Loki too, i’m looking forward to seeing how he fit’s into the story.

As we move into Phase 2 of Marvel’s superhero movies things are already looking promising with Iron Man 3 already getting some great buzz, and Captain America: The Winter Solider already being called the best of the Marvel film’s to date, despite not even being a month into filming.

Thor: The Dark World is released later this summer.

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