Dexter Season 8 sneak peak; Showtime confirm this will be the final season

The first clip from season 8 of ‘Dexter’ has been released, and as was suspected, Showtime have confirmed that this will be it’s last outing.

Whilst I want to love every episode of Dexter, last season was a let down. In fact, truly being honest, the only really good seasons where one, four and six. Season 3 was tolerable and was the first time we saw Dexter really share in his dark side, season 4 was probably the best of the lot helped in no small part to John Lithgow’s Trinity Killer being such a compelling nemesis for Dexter.

One can only hope the writer’s give Dexter the send off he deserves and more importantly, don’t treat the audience like idiots. Let the story write itself, don’t shoehorn characters in when they’re not needed.

The clip from season 8 looks promising enough and it seem’s like Deb is heading down a dark road herself.

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