The Walking Dead #109 – Montage edition

TheWalkingDead109-1Volume 19 of The Walking Dead is upon us and begins rather quietly. As has been happening a lot recently, there’s a lot of build up, ending with some big fight or conclusion.

Issue #109 is no exception to this rule. Things begin rather somberly with Maggie at Glen’s grave, and some long winded discussion about how death is now so common that it’s pointless asking people how they’re doing anymore. Though it was nice to see that some survivors still recognise the importance of grieving for the dead. The scene was also well written and very beautifully laid out with some nice artwork by Adlard.

For the rest of the issue we’re essentially treated to a montage of Rick telling Andrea, Carl and Michonne about his plans for Negan, spliced with a similar scenario for Jesus and Maggie.

This was a good issue of The Walking Dead, but it’s hard to get too excited about issues like this. It’s good though to see the series once again gaining some traction plot wise, it’s just the Rick/Negan thing at this point is no where near as interesting as the interplay between Rick and The Governor. Hopefully that will change over the course of the volume.

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