The Walking Dead – Welcome to the Tombs Review

Season 3 of The Walking Dead didn’t so much go out with a bang, as a groan and despite a few good moments, was probably the worst episode of the season so far.

Walkers - The Walking Dead - Season 3, Episode 16 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

We get to see The Governor exacting his retribution on Milton for setting all the walkers on fire, and a nice twist that really highlights just how twisted he has come, decides to forgo torturing Andrea, and instead just stabs Milton, leaving him to bleed out in front of her and eventually turn. This whole scenario should have been pretty tense but was punctuated throughout with Andrea stopping herself from trying to escape in order to look at Milton. Hey Andrea, there’s a guy dying who needs your help, if you don’t help, he’ll turn, so either way, hurry up.

Much of the episode’s melancholy moments where focused around Andrea yet i’m sure a lot of us won’t be sad to see her go. She didn’t make any good decisions throughout series 3 and became increasingly frustrating, with only partial redemption coming from the episode ‘Prey’.


We got a small assault on the prison, though I for one would have liked to have seen more. It was a nice twist that it was all a trap, if a little obvious and it never really felt right to me that the Woodbury army would go through all the trouble of getting there, knowing they’re going to a firefight, just to back off when the prison team start firing back? It couldn’t have been a surprise? This led to one of the more twisted moments from the episode with The Governor gunning down most of the Woodbury group he had brought with them.

David Morrisey was one of the stand outs of the episode, as he usually is, but his chilling delivery of the dialogue, particularly his response to Milton asking him what his daughter would think of him – “She’d be afraid of me, but if i’d been like this from the start, she’d be alive” – was spine-tingling. Morrisey has been the best part of season 3 and it’s great we’re going to get to see more of him next season. It honestly didn’t surprise me too much that The Governor’s storyline wasn’t finished. In the comics it went on for quite a number of volumes, with him eventually re-emerging more fucked up than ever, if only to meet his inevitable demise at The Prison anyway, I think we may see this in season 4. The Governor is more unhinged than ever, and him coming back more vengeful than ever is a mouth watering prospect.


One of the bigger moments of the episode revolved around Carl. Once again this was another moment for the character which will divide people. He’s slowly becoming close to his comic book counterpart. Learning from his Dad that you need to do anything to survive, even if that means making a tough decision like shooting a (nearly) unarmed man. Was he right to shoot the guy? That’s up for debate, Carl did what he had to do and we see a coldness slowly coming through the character.

It looks like this episode was played more for a set up for next season. We will see more of a fallout from Carl’s descent into serial killer territory, we’ll get to wonder why the hell all the Woodbury residents have moved to The Prison instead of Rick’s group taking over Woodbury and we’ll hopefully get to see The Governor rock up in a tank at one point. The big concern though is where will the conflict come from? No one wants to see episodes revolving around infighting in the prison, it happened too much on the farm, and with the introduction of the Woodbury residents these storylines potentially write themselves. It will be nice to perhaps fast forward a few months, see that Rick and co have completely secured the prison, made it fully liveable, but a full series that does not make, and entertaining, it will not be

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