World War Z trailer has had it with these motherfucking zombies, on this motherfucking plane

Paramount have released a new trailer for upcoming globetrotting zombie epic, World War Z, based on the novel of the same name by Max Brooks. There’s a lot of new footage in the trailer but it still fails to get me excited about the film.

I’ll reserve judgement until i’ve seen it, but it feels like they couldn’t have missed the mark more when it comes to making this like the book. Maybe that’s what they were going for, but then, why attach the World War Z name? The book was a truly epic tale, made up of a patchwork of stories that tie together like nothing else i’ve read. I dare you not to get chills when reading the account of what happened to North Korea, or the chapter about the Chinese submarine. This just looks like it’s going for something more akin to I Am Legend, albeit a lot less subtle. World War Z will be out in cinemas in June.




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