TV Wrap – The Best of the Week

TV Wrap is eatpraymedia’s weekly wrap-up of the shows we’ve been enjoying this week, the list may change each week and it isn’t meant to be comprehensive. Think we’ve missed something or need to check a show out? Let us know in the comments. Just a short one this week as many of our regular watches are still on break.

Note: Episode spoilers may follow.

Editor’s picks:

The Walking Dead – Prey


In Woodbury, Andrea begins to become suspicious that the Governor has no intention to make peace with Rick. Milton finally reveals the Governor’s plans to her, but stops her trying to assassinate the Governor. With no other choice, Andrea decides to leave Woodbury to warn Rick and the others, telling Tyreese that the Governor cannot be trusted before leaving. Upon finding out about Andrea’s departure, the Governor immediately leaves to track her down. Meanwhile, Tyreese and Allen get into a fight, with Allen worried that Tyreese’s suspicions about the Governor’s motives risk getting them thrown out of Woodbury. Andrea finally manages to reach the prison, but is captured by the Governor before she can enter it. When the Governor returns, he learns that somebody had burned all of the walkers Woodbury had been keeping as weapons. After ruling out Tyreese, the Governor begins to suspect Milton was responsible.

Setting up the last two episodes nicely, Prey was a good episode that I think will divide many fans. It was a nice change of pace and that final third was just excellent. Check out our full review here.

Honorable mentions:

Shameless – Frank The Plumber

A close one my pick of the week, this show continues to be one of the most well written hour long dramas around. That ending was brutal too.

New Girl – Quick Hardening Caulk

New Girl get’s funnier every week and Jess and Nick finally move forward a bit.

Girls – Together

The season finale of the absolutely perfect ‘Girls’ was brilliant. After Hannah’s meltdown over the last couple of episodes it was great to see her and Adam get back together, even if he is the weirdest character ever committed to a television series. Lena Dunham was once again excellent and hit all the right notes, she is one talented girl!

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