The Walking Dead – Prey

Prey was an episode focused once again just on Woodbury, and mainly, Andrea. Are you still reading? Good, because Prey was an excellent episode that at points felt more like a straight up slasher film than an episode of The Walking Dead. As usual, full episode spoilers follow.

The episode represented a change of pace for the series and whilst some will bemoan the fact the plot has basically been stuck for about 3 episodes now, I think most will appreciate Andrea finally getting some development in this season, even if it is a few episodes late. We’re treated to a nice opening scene, a flashback to when Andrea and Michonne were wandering the woods together. We nearly get a glimpse into the back-story of Michonne and her walker accessories. Those who have read the comics know this story and I won’t that in here as I’m assuming that the writers may go into more detail later on. Fans of the comic book will have also appreciated seeing David Morrisey setting up those chains, and whilst completely out of sequence from the comics, just the thought of what’s coming will make any Walking Dead fan cringe.

We’re treated to more scenes between The Governor and Milton, and it’s refreshing to see that even Milton is starting to doubt The Governor’s grip on reality. Also, as a side note, i’m pretty sure we as an audience, and The Governor know that it was Milton that set the walkers on fire in the pit. I could be wrong but it seems the obvious choice.

Let’s talk about the final third of this episode? That scene in the abandoned warehouse was like something from a Halloween flick. The governor goes full on maniac here and David Morrisey is just simply fantastic. This is The Governor unleashed, completely unhinged and psychotic, creepy and calm in equal measure. I defy anyone to not have chills when hearing him whistling and dragging that spade along the floor. I genuinely felt like Andrea had gotten away with it when she unleashed the walkers on him, but the scene outside the prison – also the only seen with Rick in, and he didn’t even speak – was a genuine surprise. The final scene revealing The Governor has kept Andrea alive was very well shot and though it’s pretty telegraphed what’s coming, it was still not so nice to see Andrea tied up on that dentist’s chair, especially when we know what fate potentially awaits her.

With two episodes to go the series has a lot to wrap up and I feel like this episode went along way to really sorting out Andrea and letting us as an audience know where she stands. This free’s up the last two episodes to really go all out and give us the prison assault we’ve been waiting for. I could be wrong, the writers may not have gone in that direction but it seems to be the logical place. If I had to guess I would say we might not get that until the last episode though.

Despite not including any of the prison survivors in this episode, brief cameo from Rick and flashback of Michonne aside, Prey managed to hold my attention well and turned out to be one of my favourite episodes of the series. The scenes in the warehouse were oozing with atmosphere and a joy to watch and it’s great to see the really dark side of The Governor showing through more. The finale is well set up now that we have a lot of the character development out of the way that was sorely needed. It looks like next week’s episode, titled ‘This Sorrowful Life’ and directed by gore hound Greg Nicotero could be a stand out episode, but Prey will go down as the episode the finally made Andrea less annoying, slightly.

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