TV Wrap – The best of the week

TV Wrap is eatpraymedia’s weekly wrap-up of the shows we’ve been enjoying this week, the list may change each week and it isn’t meant to be comprehensive. Think we’ve missed something or need to check a show out? Let us know in the comments.

Note: Episode spoilers may follow.

Editor’s picks:

Shameless – Where there’s a will.


The Gallaghers try to come up with a plan on how to fight back on keeping the Gallagher home after learning that cousin Patrick filed in a equally forged will; Fiona and Jimmy start their new jobs working with city waste which Jimmy quits but suddenly gets a job at a coffee shop. Frank gets kicked out of Sheila’s home and continues to attend alcoholics anonymous class who makes friends with a fellow member as he decides to pose as his sponsor in order to have a place to stay. Sheila and Karen attend parental classes who Sheila learns later on after a visit from baby Hymie’s other grandmother, Mrs. Wong that Karen called her in order for them to take Hymie with them so she can return home. Veronica and Kev continue their quest on having a child as Veronica’s mom Carol slowly develops feelings for Kev. The Gallaghers keep the Gallagher home after Carl accidently poisons Patrick with rat poison also Debbie claiming him to have sexually molest her which Patrick gets arrested. 

Another great episode of this criminally underrated series. For me this continues to be one of the best written shows around at the moment and ‘Where there’s a will’ continues that tradition. Of particular note was Karen already causing havoc despite only being back a matter of days. Steve/Jimmy working in the coffee shop was a nice little side story as we continue to see him start to wonder whether or not he’s making the right decision by staying with Fiona.

The Walking Dead – Arrow on the doorpost

The-Walking-Dead_Arrow-in-the-DoorpostRick and The Governor meet face-to-face in a warehouse to negotiate their differences. While Andrea, Daryl, Hershel, Martinez, and Milton wait outside, Beth, Carl, Carol, Glenn, Maggie, Merle, and Michonne remain at the prison. After Daryl and Martinez bond over a walker-killing contest and then smoke a cigarette outside, and Milton and Hershel bond over similar interests, Andrea goes inside to try to encourage a detente between the Governor and Rick. Her attempt fails; both men ask her to leave. The Governor gives Rick a hard choice: surrender Michonne to him, or the Governor’s men will attack and kill everyone at the prison. The Governor gives Rick two days to think it over. Rick, Hershel and Daryl make their way back to the prison, while Andrea decides to stay with the Governor. Rick – who assumes the Governor will kill them whether they hand over Michonne or not – does not tell the group the choice he was given; instead he tells them they are going to war, and the Governor wants them dead. Back at Woodbury, The Governor reveals his plan to kill the entire group excepting Michonne. Rick confides the Governor’s offer, privately, to Hershel, who says Michonne has earned her place in the group, and asks why Rick is telling him this. Rick replies, “I was hoping you would talk me out of it”. 

Arrow on the doorpost is another competent episode of this series and a bit of a change of pace from last week’s Rick, Michonne and Carl centric episode. The Governor is his usal menacing self and you get the feeling David Morrisey is having a lot of fun with the role. The pacing of this second half of season 3 has been all over the place and this episode attempts to set up the end game for the series so naturally not an awful lot happened.

Honorable mentions:

The Big Bang Theory – The Closet Reconfiguration

A particularly touching episode of The Big Bang Theory see’s Howard confront a recently found letter from his estranged Father.

American Dad – For Black Eyes Only

Another off-kilter episode played out like a James Bond episode, the main villain being called ‘Black Villain’. Typical affair but worth a mention because of it’s ability to go completely off plot and still be funny.

Elementary – Déjà Vu All Over Again

Joan get’s her first case as a Consulting Detective. Another great entry in a very underrated series.

Girls – On All Fours

You will never use a Q-Tip again after seeing this episode.

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