The Walking Dead #108 – Where did he get a Tiger?

The-Walking-Dead_108The end of last month’s Issue #107 teased the introduction of another character with a name of biblical proportions, Ezekial. Robert Kirman once again doesn’t disappoint with the introduction of new faces to The Walking Dead universe.

Issue #108 wraps up the ‘Something to Fear’ volume (this is number 18 if you’re keeping count) but ultimately left me feeling a bit unimpressed and uninspired.  The Negan storyline, whilst interesting, has been going on for around 3 volumes now in one guise or another and whilst it hit it’s high with the absolutely fantastic hundredth issue, the subsequent story has lost a bit of clip. Still, there is a very specific direction being taken for future issues and it looks like we may see the Negan plot end one way or another in volume 19.

We get a nice scene featuring Carl and Michonne and another look at Carl’s vulnerability despite his attempt to hide it. There’s also a look at the relationship Andrea and Michonne share and a very out of place scene in the church which I assume was an attempt at setting up a new plot thread for the next issue, but just comes across as a bit random.

This was another competent issue of The Walking Dead, and whilst for me the series lost a lot of it’s magic a few volumes ago, it’s still good enough that i’m going to keep coming back.

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